Anonymous said: What made/inspired you start photography, and if when did you start getting serious about it? 

uhhhhh well I wanted a camera for my 17th bday bc my best friend was taking me to disney world and I wanted a good camera to take pics (bc I regretted not taking hardly any pictures from the first time I went) so then I got it and just like randomly took pics at family things or bday party’s or if bring it to disneyland with my friends, and then one day I came across @littlemissmapmaker ‘s instagram and I decided that I could use some of my dl/wdw pics and make my own disney account! and voila here we are! I guess I started getting more serious just in order to make my pictures as good as they could be, like studying about settings and getting good editing software etc ✨

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Anonymous said: Sorry if this is a dumb question, but how did you make your watermark in the corner of your pictures? Is it a specific font or did you write it yourself? Just asking because it's so cute. Thanks! 

well first I drew it on my iPad, and then I went on my computer and made the background transparent. then I made on in black and one in white, and then uploaded them to Lightroom so that when I export pics I just have to check the little watermark box!

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